The basic objective of Meeting International conferences is to bring together academicians and experts from different parts of the country and abroad to exchange knowledge and ideas. This will provide an in-depth analysis of subjects and update the knowledge of the participants from academic/research institutions. The guidelines aim at bringing in transparency, clarity and uniformity to the attendees of the conference.

  • The content of the website is for your general information and use only. It is subjected to change without notice.
  • Once registered towards the conference, organization can use the logos and affiliation of the speakers/ exhibitor/sponsors/media partners in the promotional materials and website.
  • Organization has the right to cancellation of participation at any point due to misbehaviour, and there will be no refund for the same.
Press permission must be obtained from Meetings International Conferences Organizing Committee prior to the event. The press will not quote speakers or delegates unless they have obtained their approval in writing. The Meetings International is an objective third-party non profit organization. This conference is not associated with any commercial meeting company.
It is the responsibility of the delegate to arrange appropriate insurance cover in connection with their attendance at the conference. Meetings International cannot be held liable for any loss, liability or damage to personal property.